May 27, 2015

Chanel LAIT CONFORT Creamy Cleansing Milk

Hello my beauties,
Hope your having a great day! I’m back know finally, I finished my exam, and I feel so good and ready to be able to write more blog posts. I was also thinking about to film a tutorial of my every day makeup? What do you think guys? I am thinking to start doing videos on Youtube! J

I love starting my day and cleanse my face in the morning with Chanel Lait Confort Creamy Cleansing Milk: an ultra-gentle milk cleanser and makeup remover for dry or sensitive skin with the de-polluting power of Tulip Tree Extract and the hydrating properties of Arum Lily Extract. The non-drying formula thoroughly and comfortably cleanses, soothes and tones, with deep moisturizing effects. 
How to use: Apply morning and evening to face and neck, using fingers or a cotton pad. Massage until milk becomes silky. Rinse off or remove with cotton pad or tissue.

I am addicted to the gentle fragrance, it smells luxurious. I also enjoy the silky texture as it glides on my face, I feel that my skin is very soft afterwards.
I’m almost done with my first bottle. Just picked up my second bottle recently too! Retails online at US$45.00 for 5 fl. oz.

Have you tried this cleansing milk? How do you like it?

Nikoleta, xoxo.
The Glitter Chic

May 19, 2015

Givenchy Poudre Premiere Mat & Translucent/ Finish Loose Powder

Hello my lovelies,

Hope your having a great day!
One more week to go and I am finished with my college. I will be posting more blog posts, because I will have more time, thanks God! J
Now let me introduce you to one of the best loose powder that I’ve tried. It is the Givenchy Poudre Premiere Mat & Translucent/ Finish Loose Powder. I love this powder it is amazing!
Givenchy cosmetics are a bit of terra incognita for me. Before this powder, I had only one other product by this company – a lipstick. Purchase of this powder was rather spontaneous – I got a Sephora gift card and decided to spend it on something I normally wouldn’t buy. Givenchy loose powder caught my eye because of its beautiful packaging. For some reason, there are not many reviews on this powder in the Internet, and it seems unfair because the powder is quite good.
First of all, let’s start with the price. The powder costs $53-54, which is a lot but at the same time is sort of expected from a brand like Givenchy. However, although I don’t mind paying for quality and brand name, I feel a bit tricked because, in my opinion, there is not sufficient amount of powder in the case for this money.
Second thing I’d like to talk about is packaging. Minimalistic black case with Givenchy logo on the top is stunning. This powder can easily serve as a beautiful décor piece on your vanity table. It looks so much more elegant than any other loose powder I’ve ever seen. I’d like to note though that this is not the powder you can carry in your purse – the case is big but fragile. For the same reasons I also never take it when I travel. This seems to be a problem with majority of loose powders – their cases are huge. I think only Bare Minerals make the powder case small enough but I really don’t like their powder. I do wish Givenchy and other high-end brands start making travel-size makeup items.

Thirdly, let’s talk about actual product. This powder is only one color – white; packaging says color is “Universal nude” but it truly is white that adapts to your skin color. So, the powder is suitable for any complexion, very finely milled and super light – unlike La Mer or Bare Minerals it feels like you are not wearing anything at all. However, despite its feather likeness, it works. It sets makeup, mattifies skin, flatters any type of skin. You can also apply it over bare or primed face – it will work too. I have to say that this is not the powder you could use to cover imperfections – it won’t do it. And it’s not supposed to. This powder serves as a final touch to complete your makeup – make it perfectly even and radiant. I was thinking how I could best describe it and the word that came to my mind was “mist.” You apply the powder and it feels like a delicate cloud of fresh morning mist covers your face. You don’t see the mist but you see its results – skin is more radiant, makeup looks complete. For the best results, I would recommend using kabuki brush. Microfiber puff that comes with the powder doesn’t work – to distribute powder in the most flattering way you need subtleness of kabuki brush bristles. For me, Kabuki Brush seems to work best. The powder has very nice smell – clean and refreshing, not a Victorian-old-lady smell at all (that’s a problem of lots of powders).
Finally, I am not sure how this powder will work if you have oily/combination skin. It is mattifying but it doesn’t have crazy oil-absorbing qualities like other setting powders.
Overall, I would recommend Givenchy loose powder if you have some spare money and want to treat yourself with a nice, high-quality product. Just using this beautiful powder will make you feel awesome and pampered. However, if you are looking for a loose powder that you will use every day and for every occasion, and which you would want to last awhile, I’d recommend going with something else, like La Mer.

Have you tried the loose powder yet? How do you like it?

Nikoleta, xoxo.

The Glitter Chic.

May 08, 2015

NARS x Christopher Kane Collection

Hello my beauties,

Hope you are doing great! One week more and I’m done with my final exams, and then I’m coming back here again to write more blog posts.
Now I am writing about a new collection that came out, and I am obsessed with it, it’s the “NARS X CHRISTOPHER KANE COLLECTION.”

NARS has recently announced their collaboration with British designer, Christopher Kane, introducing a gorgeous Summer 2015 collection consisting of 10 limited edition (of course) products: lip glosses, eyeshadows and blushes. Kane is known for his colourful and edgy designs, so it's no surprise the collection is an explosion of bright & neon colours. Just by the packaging, I'm instantly sold because I love a good black and pink combo! I have only positive experiences with NARS, so it'll be interesting to see if these babies deliver and possibly exceed my expectations?
Below is a little sneak peek of the collection. 

                                                              'Silent Nude' Blush

'Starscape' - Blush 

                  'Quantum' Illuminating Multiple                 'Violet Atom' Illuminating Multiple
'Parallel Universe' Eyeshadow Duo

L-R: 'Glow Pink', 'Mezmer', 'Nebulous', 'Nucleus'

'Outer Limit' Single Eyeshadow

I'm definitely getting my hands on those blushes and lip glosses!!

Which of these have you tried, any recommendation what should I pick?

Nikoleta, xoxo.

The Glitter Chich

May 01, 2015

April Favorites

Hello my lovelies,

Hope you are having a great day, and weekend too. A new month has begun which means it´s time for a quick overview of my most used and favorite products in April. I hope you like them, and enjoy my blog post.


These huge perfume bottles are usually not for sale, but I was very lucky to find this beautiful and very rare Miss Dior factice at my local perfumerie. The bottle is so sweet and nice and I just can´t stop looking at it!


 I have received a huge set of  24 Dior nail polishes, and I love each and every shade. My current go-to-colors for spring are very pink and red: Muguet, Grège, Wonderland, Bonheur, Victoire and Pandore (all shades are available here).


This is a very clean and smooth scent of my favorite candle brand: Diptyque.

What were your favorites in April?

Nikoleta, xoxo.

The Glitter Chic