February 23, 2017

Louboutin Lover

If you’re into your luxury brands or heels then a pair of Christian Louboutins are a wardrobe staple.  There’s something about those seductive red lacquered soles that makes women and men go weak at the knees. Black and white is my favorite colour combination when it comes to clothes.
On my feet you can really see I am wearing "Dorissima" 100mm from Christian Louboutin. These high - heels are refined round toe option for all seasons.  In black patent leather they're versatile, and these pumps are beautiful, and without a doubt, they are absolutely a modern-day classic. A black, pointed-toe, patent leather pump is a guaranteed staple that you will want to wear now and for years to come. I got this beautiful shirt from Zara and I absolutely love it, it is very stylish with colorful flowers. I added as well this bag from Salvatore Ferragamo it is a small chic bag that you can style it with everything that you want. All in all this was one of my favourite outfit lately, maybe because I am really loving my high - heels. 

| I was wearing |

Coat | Escada
Shirt | Zara
Skirt | Zara 
Shoes | Christian Louboutin
Bag | Salvatore Ferragamo
Sunglasses Céline 

How do you like this outfit look? What is your favorite shoe brand?

N, xoxo.
The Glitter Chic

February 21, 2017

Irresistible Me Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

For the past few weeks I've been using the Irresistible Me Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush that they sent me to try out and today I wanted to share my thoughts with you along with some pictures that I took after using it. The Irresistible Me company is based out of USA and they make quality products. 

This revolutionary ceramic straightening brush is the hottest hair tool right now. The Irresistible Me Jade with 3D technology for multiple contact points and special ceramic tourmaline heating surface will give you quick and effortless straight hair without heat damage. You may have seen other products that look similar, but the Irresistible Me Jade is the best on the market definitely. The Irresistible Me Jade will give you a gorgeous blowout look in only a few minutes. All you have to do is brush your clean dry hair, taking small wefts and passing the brush through them slowly (similar to what you would normally do using a flat iron). You’re going to be surprised how much faster you can straighten your hair with the Irresistible Me Jade than using the tension or chasing blow-drying method. 
The Irresistible Me Jade is the ideal tool for straightening or styling your hair on the run. It’s a lot easier and faster to use than a flat iron and it is designed to make sure you never burn yourself (a bonus for those that are not good with hair tools and keep burning themselves). The Irresistible Me Jade Ceramic Brush will help you get straight hair with a lot of volume at the roots and a healthy shine.
If you’re in a hurry, and you just want to touch up and polish your hairstyle, the Irresistible Me Jade will be your best friend. It will also help to maintain and prolong the perfect look of a professional salon straightening.
You can tame the frizz in just a few passes of this brush. The bristles have ceramic tourmaline surface that heats up quickly and straightens your hair without heat damage. 

I love how conveniently I can use Irresistible Me Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush. It is easy to handle and heats up fast thus taking less time in straightening the hair. The best thing is now I don't need to detangle my hair before straightening instead I can upfront use a single appliance that does both jobs for me. I love how silky it makes my hairs look and I hope it is visible in the pictures.

Have you tried this Jade Straightening Brush? How do you like it so far? 

N, xoxo.
The Glitter Chic

February 17, 2017

The Perfect Dress

Hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day this year, and whether you celebrated being single this year, it’s always fun to get a little dressed and dolled up, don’t you think?! 
Recently I discovered this amazing site Alessmode and I was very impressed with their clothing line, and the variety of categories that they offer. Since Valentine's Day is behind us, why don't you give yourself priceless gifts that nobody else can give you? 

I find all these Prom Dresses more than gorgeous, and there are tones and when I say TONES, I mean it for real different styles, designs, colors everything that you could imagine you can find it here. 

 I am obsessed with these two Prom Dresses, they are so chic and elegant, and you can wear them for any occasion, not only for the prom night. The designs are glamorous, comfortable evening clothing which are perfect for formal occasions and party, weddings, prom, and bridesmaids, as well as going out to dinner or cocktails. The designs are not too extravagant, but trendy and glamorous for the contemporary girl -as you are. I know that you are searching for the perfect dress to wear for prom night, because I was searching too, and that for a whole year long
However, I know that there are also people who are searching for the perfect Bridesmaid Dresses, right? I have to attend a wedding very soon, and I found my perfect Bridesmaid dress in here. They offer so many different designs, any color that you prefer, and it wasn't hard for me to find it. I am more than satisfied. 

I really do hope that I could help you to find the perfect dress for your special night, and I do really think that this site is the perfect place where you can find any type of the dress that you dream. 

Are you familiar with Alessmoda? What would you like to purchase from this site?

N, xoxo.

The Glitter Chic

February 11, 2017

Cozy Sweater Outfit

Finally back with another blog post, just when I thought I have everything in order my computer crashed, and I couldn't post anything on my blog. My apologize for that, but all of that being said I managed to take some pictures of my outfit. I must admit that there is nothing prettier than sunny winter mornings. In today's look you can also see me wearing these Marni boots that are so far my favorite ones! I decided to pair them with this sweater from ZARA, it's so comfy, and cozy, but also I love the color too. These black jeans and this coat from Stradivarius were the perfect match. Of course my hat has to come along with this outfit, since I am obsessed with it. I do really like these kind of outfits during the day to wear, where I feel very comfortable and I can enjoy the rest of the day.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend, stay warm and have fun.

| I was wearing |

Coat | Stradivarius
Sweater | Zara
Jeans | Zara 
Boots | Marni
Hat  |  Zara
Bag | Zara 
Sunglasses Céline 

How do you like this outfit look? What are your favorite sweater brands?

N, xoxo.
The Glitter Chic